The Idaho Medicaid Estate Recovery Program

What is the Idaho Medicaid Estate Recovery program?
If you receive Idaho Medicaid benefits at age 55 or older, a lien may be placed on your estate up to the value of the Medicaid benefits paid. If you have no estate, the claim may be made against the estate of your spouse. No estate recovery will be made until after your death and that of a surviving spouse, whichever is later.

If you have no surviving spouse living at home and you need continued nursing home care, the state may place a lien on your property to preserve it for estate recovery. The property lien may be placed regardless of your age. A property lien will be removed if your need for nursing home care stops.

When is an Idaho Medicaid Estate Recovery claim not made?
No Medicaid estate recovery claim will be made, as long as any of these people live in your home:

Your spouse
Your child under 21 years of age
Your child who is blind or permanently disabled
Your brother or sister who owns an interest in the property and lived there at least one year before you went into the nursing home.
The state of Idaho may waive its Medicaid estate recovery claim against your estate, partly or entirely, if:
Nursing home care was needed because of a crime
Recovery would cause hardship to a survivor, as defined by Idaho Health and Welfare.

How can I learn more about the Idaho Medicaid Estate Recovery program?
For more information, you or the personal representative of your estate or your spouse’s estate should contact:

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Third Party Liability Unit
Attn: Medicaid Estate Recovery Officer
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036

By phone, call the Idaho Medicaid Estate Recovery office at: 1-866-849-3843.