The Idaho Housing and Finance Association

IHFA Quick Facts

In 33 years, IHFA has invested more than $3.3 billion in 52,500 Idaho home loans and currently services 12,700 loans.

Did you know that IHFA also offers classes to learn about buying a home? We’ve graduated 13,500 prospective home buyers through our Home Buyer Education program. Visit Finally Home! HERE to find out more.

In 2004, IHFA brought a $250 million impact to Idaho and its citizens through investment, outreach and housing services.

Did you know that IHFA helps renters as well as home buyers? In addition to issuing home loans, IHFA has created equity of $238 million statewide in 181 affordable apartment complexes and more than 8,000 units. And, more than 8,500 Idaho families each year benefit from our Section 8 Rental Assistance activities. Visit Rental Assistance ( to find out more.
More than 1,500 senior citizens throughout the state have benefited from IHFA’s senior housing efforts. IHFA has helped to finance 44 affordable housing developments for seniors across the state in the last two decades, adding or rehabilitating 1,543 units in a $60.2 million investment

How can I get more information?

The Housing Information and Resource Center, also known as the Idaho Housing Hotline, is a free service for housing consumers, providers and advocates. Created in 1998, it serves as a centralized clearinghouse for housing information. Although the Idaho Housing Hotline has no funds to offer, every effort is made to locate the most appropriate service or resource for each situation.

The Idaho Housing Hotline’s purpose is twofold. First, to provide information on housing options and availability as well as referrals to advocates and housing. This may include homeless service providers, rental assistance, first-time home buyer options, low-cost apartments, multifamily development financing and other resources. Second, based on data collected through the service, we hope to better define the housing needs of Idaho’s communities. This information can be used by public, private and nonprofit sectors to help target resources for those areas in greatest need.

The Idaho Housing Hotline provides a free, statewide telephone hotline service for housing consumers, providers and advocates. The Idaho Housing Hotline is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday:

Toll Free 1-877-438-4472

Boise Area 208-331-4877

Online at


Frequently Asked Questions

Who may use the Housing Hotline? The service is available to anyone.

What happens when someone calls? Callers are asked to provide their name, county, telephone number and address (if needed) for follow-up purposes. Based on the specific housing needs and questions, we will help research possible options and make appropriate referrals. Depending on the volume of calls and the nature of each request, a response may take anywhere from a few minutes to one working day.

When is the hotline available? The service is provided from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday. The hotline is closed on weekends and certain holidays.

What about housing emergencies? For those in need of temporary emergency shelter, the best option is usually the nearest homeless shelter, church, police department, Salvation Army or Community Action Agency. Call the 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine to get contact information for shelters in your area. Dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-926-2588

Can someone use the service more than once? Yes. Whenever there is a housing question.

Can housing providers use the service for referrals? Calls from landlords, emergency shelters and property managers throughout the state are welcome. The bulk of requests are for affordable rental and transitional housing. While the hotline can make referrals, there is no screening or endorsement of either landlords or tenants.

Can the hotline resolve problems between landlords and tenants, borrowers and mortgage companies or home owners and builders? No. This is not a conflict resolution or mediation service; however, the hotline can suggest options and resources that may be helpful.

Is the service available for general research? Due to staffing constraints, research is limited to answering specific consumer needs and questions. Requests for extensive research and reporting will be considered on a case-by-case basis as resources allow.