Lemon Law

What is the Idaho Lemon Law?

The Idaho Lemon Law, Title 48 – Chapter 9 of the Idaho Code, protects consumers who buy or lease a car, truck, or van that is subject to an applicable manufacturer’s written warranty. The Idaho Lemon Law covers vehicle defects or conditions that impair the vehicles use or market value. The law does not cover defects resulting from abuse, neglect, or unauthorized alterations of a vehicle. The law only applies to vehicles that have all of the following:

a manufacturer’s written warranty
was purchased or licensed in Idaho
weighs 12,000 lbs or less
is used primarily for individual, family, or personal business reasons

The lemon law only covers a vehicle until the written warranty expires, the vehicle is driven 24,000 miles, or it is more than 2 years past the delivery date of the vehicle. If you find a defect in your vehicle, it is important to report it immediately. As soon as possible, contact the vehicle’s manufacturer or authorized dealer. You must give the manufacturer or authorized dealer the opportunity to repair the defect. The vehicle’s manufacturer or authorized dealer must repair your vehicle according to warranty if:

Your vehicle does not conform to the written warranty
You meet the above time limitations

How can I get more information about the Idaho Lemon Law?

The Idaho Lemon Law is fully explained in the Idaho Attorney General’s pamphlet entitled ‘Idaho Lemon Law’. The pamphlet is available online at: https://www2.state.id.us/ag/consumer/tips/IdahoLemonLaw.pdf

To reach the Idaho Attorney General’s Office by phone, dial: 208-334-2400.

You can search for Idaho Attorney General’s office contact information in the 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine online database.