Katie Beckett Medicaid

What is Katie Beckett Medicaid?

Katie Beckett Medicaid, also known as Home Care for Certain Disabled Children, enables severely disabled children to be cared for at home and be eligible for Medicaid based on the disabled child’s income and assets alone. Without the waiver, the income of legally liable relatives is counted when the individual is cared for at home. This program enables children with special health care needs or disabilities to be cared for at home instead of in an institution. Only the child’s income and resources are used in determining financial eligibility. The cost of care at home compared to the cost in an institutional setting is also used in determining eligibility.

Who was Katie Beckett?

Katie Beckett passed away in 2012 at the age of 34. Katie was an advocate all her life, and because of her story, health care was reformed allowing children with severe disabilities the opportunity to receive care at home and at much less expense that in prolonged hospital stays. You can read more about her extraordinary life at the following link to the New York Times article below:

Katie Beckett, Who Inspired Health Reform, Dies at 34

How can I apply for Katie Beckett Medicaid?

Find out about applying for Katie Beckett Medicaid by contacting your local Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s Regional Medicaid Services office.

By phone, you can call the 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine by dialing 2-1-1 or 1-800-926-2588 to get the contact information of your local Regional Medicaid Services office.