5-1-1 Travel Information and Road Conditions

5-1-1 is a public service of Idaho Transportation Department to help travelers access information about road conditions, traffic incidents, weather and tourism information via the phone or on the Web, 24 hours a day.

What Types of Information are Available?

Weather-related road conditions
Traffic incidents and delays
Emergency road closures
Highway roadwork projects
Tourism information

Connecting to 5-1-1

Dial 5-1-1 from any phone, including wireless phones. Motorists are encouraged to put safety first by asking a passenger to dial 5-1-1, log onto www.511.idaho.gov prior to departure, or place the call at an appropriate stopping point along the way. If your phone company does not support the 5-1-1 number, dial 1-888-432-7623 or 1-888-IDA-ROAD.

How 5-1-1 Improves Public Service

The 5-1-1 service is designed to be updated when road conditions change, providing more timely and accurate information from the field to travelers. Information provided will be more location-specific and provide a higher level of accuracy to travelers. The telephone number is easy to remember and uses voice recognition technology. Idaho 5-1-1 will also share 576 phone ports with multiple states, significantly increasing calling capacity and minimizing the chance of callers getting a busy signal during heavy winter storms. The service also includes an easy-to-navigate interactive map on the 5-1-1 web site. By knowing road conditions travelers will be able to better plan for their trips and commutes.

How Much Does It Cost to Use 5-1-1?

The service is provided free of charge to the public. Calls to 5-1-1 are considered local when dialed from a pay phone or landline phone. Wireless phone users are responsible for normal airtime and roaming charges in accordance with their wireless service contracts. Idaho Transportation Department encourages motorists to pull off the road and park in a safe area before using cell phones.